DoHip started in 2013 with highly motivated scientists from 5 European countries. All were very curious and eager awaiting the applications for the project. Luckily we met 12 enthusiastic Early Stage Researchers who very much helped to create a creative and inspiring spirit in the group. It was a leasure to work in and with this group.

Thank you to all ESRs and supervisors.

What is/was DoHip?

A key element of DoHip was exploit the fascinating possibilities of high pressure for the design of sustainable products and processes. Aimwas to meet the growing demand of Europes's industry for highly trained scientists and engineers in process technology. This industrial sector is fundamental for chemical, pharmaceutical and polymer industry as well as food industry and cosmetics.

DoHip adresses the unit operations along the process chain showing the ESR that no matter what special topic they are investigating the principle fundamentals in research are the same. Additionally training in complementary skills was offered to help the ESRs to develop their personality.

It's time to say goodbye...

Time was fleeing and now the project is almost finished and it's time to say goodbye to the ESRs. We truly hope to stay in contact wishing all the best for the future.

Some ESRs have already successfully started an industrial career while others will defend their Thesis soon.



Coordinator's office:
Dr. S. Kareth
IC 3/65
Chair for Process Technology
Faculty Mechanical Engineering
Ruhr-University Bochum
D-44780 Bochum, Germany