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Milica Pantić


I am Milica Pantić and I come from Serbia.
I finished my undergraduate and master studies in Belgrade on Faculty for Technology and Metallurgy - department of Organic Chemical Engineering in 2013. 
For both, my undergraduate and master thesis, I had worked in area of high pressure technologies: first with supercritical extractions and then with aerogels.
I have continued in the same direction for my PhD studies. Since November 2013., I have been involved in DoHip project as part of the high pressure team at Laboratory for Separation Processes and Product Design, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Maribor.
Currently, I am working on aerogels synthesis and their impregnation with active components supervised by Prof. Dr. Zoran Novak.

Link to Faculty: http://www.fkkt.uni-mb.si/en#

Link to Laboratory: http://www.fkkt.uni-mb.si/en/node/295


Supercritical impregnation of active components into aerogels
An aerogel is open-celled solid foam that is composed of a network of interconnected nanostructures and that exhibits porosity. The main component is air which makes them very unique with extremely low densities, large open pores and high inner surface areas. Due to their outstanding properties, today aerogels have become interesting materials for a variety of applications. Over the last decade organic aerogels have been proposed for usage as medical applications, especially within drug delivery systems. The use of natural polysaccharides or their derivatives for aerogel production is very attractive due to their stability, availability, renewability and low toxicity. Their biocompatibility as well as biodegradability makes them ideal candidates for usage as drug delivery systems. There are several methods for incorporating the active compounds within aerogels. Supercritical impregnation of active components into the aerogels is one of the recent promising method for improving the dissolution and adsorption of poorly soluble drugs (40% of newly discovered chemicals are water insoluble). In addition, these carriers enable the controlled drug release which provides lower dosages of the drug, increases its therapeutic effect and improves patient's compliance. Due to their unique properties they could prolong stability of entrapped compound and preserve it inside of its structure. The aim of this work is to incorporate the different active components into the aerogels under supercritical conditions. Set up of equipment as well as optimization of the process concerning pressure, temperature, ratios of substances and different methods of supercritical impregnation will be performed.

Coordinator's office:
Dr. S. Kareth
IC 3/65
Chair for Process Technology
Faculty Mechanical Engineering
Ruhr-University Bochum
D-44780 Bochum, Germany
e-mail: Kareth@vtp.rub.de